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  1. Talk softly with children.

  2. Talk to them with their name (Calling them by their names individualize them).

  3. Give them responsibilities (Age-appropriate).

  4. Just pass on the information instead of nagging them.

  5. Show them love by being there for them in person (not through wealth, maids, toys).

  6. Caress them, hug them, kiss them & sleep by their side in all ages occasionally. Let them feel your presence.

  7. Always complete with them in the nights. All Humans are submissive at this time of the day, so they listen to what one wants to say. All egos are left behind when one goes to bed.

  8. Involve yourself in their activities (e.g. dropping them for school, making their breakfast, helping them in their assignments, choosing a friend, developing a hobby, talking about their dilemmas).

  9. Give them values to be a responsible citizen by setting an example.

  10. You are Root and your child is the Fruit. So focus on the root more than the fruits.  Develop healthy habits.

  11. Always listen to your children carefully, they are very expressive. When they are often made to shut up, they stop expressing & shy away.

  12. Encourage decision making. Give small-small opportunities like where to go, what to wear, menu for tonight, purchasing at the market etc.).

  13. Give real play time, out in the field, on the road, around the nature. The best lessons of life are learnt on the play grounds. Explore your child to at least one hour of outdoor play everyday.

  14. Let them know all your good & bad times. He is your biggest strength.

– By ABhishek Pasari

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