About Us

ShishuPuram is an early childhood organisation focusing on the growth and development of a child right from the womb. We at ShishuPuram facilitate the right blend of parent-child relationship, the achievement of the child’s growth milestones and ultimate pregnancy care. As families are getting nuclear and double income demanding, child rearing and nurturing the right values is getting challenging day by day. We at ShishuPuram are committed to make the process of child conception, delivery and nurturing a majestic event in ones life.

Our Concept

Nurturing the leaders of a better & safe world

When a community gets access to right education, they can shape the future with a sound physiological constitution and develop the intellectual, emotional capacity of the child to succeed in an economically, geopolitically and biochemically threatening environment.

Our Vision

Nurturing the child is a lifestyle not responsibility

To facilitate child growth and development right from the early childhood years. To bring back the potential of the child-minders in stimulating a child’s intelligence from the initial years.

Our Mission

Pioneers in early childhood growth and development

To develop and nurture the child’s unique abilities to his full potential by training the expectant parents, parents, teenagers and educators for a better future world. Promoting and supporting the parents to lead the child with moral values for his wellbeing.


Abhishek Pasari / Founder

He is India’s youngest pregnancy, parenting and life coach. He is an international trainer since a decade uplifting the lives of parents and educators across the globe. Being a management graduate and an entrepreneur, he has been fortunate in achieving successful transformations among his clients. He is a sharp and intuitive counsellor providing life remedies. His experience, knowledge and wisdom has contributed multi-fold in the wellbeing of families. He is a philanthropist and an author of books on Parenting.

Lipika Pasari / Co-Founder

Since the time she has been a mother, her interest in early childhood growth and development has benefited thousands of families across the globe. Being a Chartered Accountant her auditing and analytical skills have facilitated developing many a pregnancy, parenting content manuals. Her quest for creativity has outlined many possible learning solutions in the early childhood years. She is a passionate author, blogger and a revolutionary conceptualiser.


Ebhaansh Pasari / Co-Founder

Ebhaansh means a part of an elephant, which is derived from a sanskrit word ‘Ebh’ meaning : of an elephant. His mentors believe him to be :

E – Expressive
B – Blossoming
H – Happy
A – Affectionate
A – Active
N – Noble
S – Sincere
H – Helpful
They adore his smile and praise him for his confidence of being independent, since a very young age.

Ekaansh Pasari / Co-Founder

Ekaansh means unportionable : the one who is complete. His mentors believe that he is ever :

E – Exploring
K – Kind
A – Adventurous
A – Agile
N – Neat
S – Self-motivated
H – Humorous
He is a born leader, who leads a group systematically with his innocence, warmth and commanding attitude. He is versatile and a powerhouse of energy.

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