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Do you believe that a child in the womb can listen?

Scientifically, the foetus develops its ears by 12 weeks. In order to stimulate its auditory pathway, the would be parents should talk to the baby in the womb.

Samiksha Rohit Goyal
Scientifically, it has ben proven that babies listening the womb! Father Rohit, trying to hear the sound inside the womb, mother Samiksha simply blessing and adoring dear husband and would-be father


  1. Put your hands on the belly and talk to the baby about anything and everything you would like to share with your baby aloud and clear.
  2. Please don’t murmur or talk in your mind, but talk with feelings. You are enabling the baby to develop its listening ability.
  3. Play soothing music while you rest or different music, chanting, etc during daytime to stimulate its auditory pathway.
  4. Read stories, knowledge books aloud.
  5. Watch light romantic or comic movies. Basically watch pleasing movies rather than action or thrillers.

HOW OFTEN?Anytime, all the time when you feel like talking to your dear baby.


  1. The baby feels emotional connect with the parents.
  2. He/She recognises the Parents soon after birth and responds well. (ALL IS WELL) do you remember the movie 3 Idiots.
  3. The baby feels safe and secure in this unknown world and seems to understand your conversations well.
  4. His/Her auditory pathway is well-developed and learns to listen carefully when this world is facing a listening disability – a common cause of poor concentration among children and adults too.



Talk to your baby in the womb to create that extraordinary bond with your unborn baby.

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