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Effective Communication between father and the baby

Effective communication with baby in the womb | ShishuPram | Cloudnine

About the session

You might be unaware, but your voice transforms for your baby in the womb;

Parents who connect with their unborn baby and talk/read to them during pregnancy are more likely to interact with them in a more positive way after they are born. This session has been designed to help Parents-to-be bond emotionally with their babies, especially the Dads- to-be shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity.

Session components

  • Effective ways to communicate with your unborn baby
  • Importance of building a bond with your baby
  • Ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy
  • How effective communication impacts the baby’s growth
  • How Dads-to-be can bond with their babies
  • Factors and methods that may affect bonding

How to join the session

Join us for this informative session on the 13th of January at 5 PM with  Abhi Pasari from ShishuPuram, an early childhood organization that encourages a holistic growth of the baby from the time of the baby’s inception, and to know how to-be-parents can start bonding with the growing foetus.

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Effective communication with baby in the womb | ShishuPram | Cloudnine

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