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Finland Diaries

Easy adaptations from Finnish education system for the early childhood years of the new parents :

  • Postpone the school age for kids till 6 yrs. Let them be prepared for the world. Allow them to get on their own.
  • Allow the kids to experience things on their own even if it means making mess. It gives them a great deal of confidence. E.g. Eating on their own at an early age, wearing clothes & shoes, picking up their bags, brushing their teeth, etc.
  • Do not tag your child. It becomes their limiting belief and they are scared to try new things. Always raise their self esteem.
  • Let him compete, only with himself. Do not compare children. Each child has their own unique ability. Let them blossom on their own pace. Just be supportive and do not oppose their basic instincts.
  • Create a learning environment rather than teaching them. Stimulation and exposure are the only keys to achieve the benchmarks of development.

Finland Diaries _ stories. If you really wanna adapt, learn and get inspired by our this part of learning. Have a look at our this album and do read all captions.

Every pic has something or the other fact from our Finland diaries _ facts and learnings about the World No. 1 Country in education and happiness

Finland Diaries – Stories

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