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Finland Diaries_ National Educational curriculum

Even after being in top countries of the world for education, Finland reviews its national curriculum every decade.

They believe that the education has to get futuristic and there is always a scope of improvement.

What should the educational curriculum of schools look-like?

• Knowledge and skills for life

• Knowledge and skills for further studies

• Broad variety of subjects

• Combination of academic, practical and artistic subjects

• Strong emphasis on students’ holistic development

How are Finns trying to achieve these ?

1. Transversal competencies i.e broad-based competence using knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, capacity and will.

2. Phenomenon based learnings i.e subject integration

3. More versatile teaching and learning methods

4. Increased physical activity

5. Use of digital learning environments

6. Assessment as learning

7. Participation and involvement

It is very clear that :

If you want to increase curiosity – allow questioning

If you want to develop problem-solving skills – link school knowledge to real life problems and encourage pupils to work together to seek solutions.

If you want to increase understanding – combine knowledge and skills from different subjects.

If you want to raise citizens who will develop the society – promote inclusiveness and participation. Give opportunities to make a difference and facilitate positive-not negative – critical thinking.

Being one of the most child centric countries, their policies always revolve around betterment of child development.

A glimpse of a few of these practices was visible in the latest Bollywood film – Hitchki.

I am glad that atleast we are thinking on those lines. Practical application of such practices may take time but atleast we are getting aware of our right to real education.

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Lipika Pasari

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