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Life as a nobody | our spiritual journey

Solo travel is catching on in people for time with oneself and explore the world as per ones likes. We went for a family travel leaving our identities behind and to give real life experiences to our twin sons who are universe schooling from this year. Travelling teaches many a life lessons and temporary settlements makes one learn the rich experiences of adjustment, compassion and satisfaction.

The main highlights of this travel were:

A home away from home, temporarily set up according to our basic needs and necessities.

Home Economics_collage.jpg
Learning: Each of the family member contributed to set it up, maintain it’s simplicity and manage within the available resources.

Naddi, a small village in the serene hills of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Nature’s paradise amidst the Dhauladhar range of mountains and glaciers from where the tourists often witnessed the 1st sunrise and the sunset. The nature’s creativity mesmerized our creative ideas into reality.

Learning: The unpredictable nature of nature, taught us to live in the moment and not over-plan. This kept us alert and acceptable to any and all happenings of life, which people call destiny.

We could actually see through ourselves. Our real strengths, weaknesses, our actual needs, our hidden talents, who we actually are and what have we become? Everything came to the surface, as if we could peep inside ourselves.


Life is and can be so simple , if we do not try hard to complicate it with our desires and wants. The tags and the status quo in our life has made us so manipulative that we have lost our origins. We are living all the time being judged and wanting to be accepted by our known ones. What a jinx! We manipulate among our known ones and try proving our best.


The moment we all decided to leave the digital world for a month to focus on ourselves, we experienced silence. Basically we experienced that whether personal relationships or professional engagements or business partners, nobody suffers if we really want to be in touch with each other. And we do not need this digital world to stay connected, just compassion and real time personal communication is needed, for which nobody has time or value. No news, no newspaper, no weather forecast, no Whatsapp updates, no facebooking but life doesn’t stop. It’s more peaceful and productive and we are no more the messengers of spreading rumours and gossips(BBC).


We all gave our voluntary services to the really deserving people. Children taught in a school to children their age and above, music, magic, football. They learnt new from others – farming, playing village games, their language. Basically satisfaction is the only motivation to do good work and not the financials. Children distributed lots of gifts and their favourite belongings to more than 50 children with compassion and love.

We all stayed in the best of our health even after fluctuating climatic conditions. Non-polluted air, care-free life, zero stress of performance, pure and simple food and managing daily chores, all contributed to staying healthy, hearty and blessed. Meditations, silence and nature walks, all made us connect to each other as a family.


This Journey was an experience worth repeating and inspiring others. Once you live the life like a nomadic then your sense of belongingness and acceptance gets reduced to the minimum level as you are a nobody and ready for being anybody!

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