Preganant and Ignorant

Live session of Preganant & Ignorant

By shishupuram

#Pregnant and ignorant

Pregnancy is not just a good news.

Pregnancy is not just a good news. It brings about changes not only in the body but also on your emotions. Your moods, your thoughts and the apprehensions are continuously changing.

Knowing your pregnancy well and discovering the amazing growth of the foetus into a baby, shall make you feel confident and happy . Do attend this Live session for the amazing journey of the three trimesters and the fourth one soon to begin.

Not only does the uterus grow in size but also your other organs and the baby too. The baby brain is formed at conception and it grows beautifully inside the womb. While knowing these facts, how and what you can do as a parent shall be discussed.

pregnant and ignorant - Live
Pregnant and ignorant Live ShishuPuram


#Live Session –

Live session begins at 8:50 PM



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