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Parenting Innovations

Social rituals

with 6months+baby

To Do:

  1. Whenever anyone enters the room, say ”Look, ABhi is here! Hi, ABhi!”
  2. Wave. Help children wave the greeting too.
  3. When someone is preparing to leave, say, ”Bye-bye, ABhi” and help children wave good-bye.


  • When does a child start to do this spontaneously?

More Innvoations:

  1. Make a game out of this by going in and out of a door yourself, again and again, while chanting the greetings.
  2. Make a doll or stuffed animal appear and disappear behind a partition, curtain or in and out of a laege box while saying the greeting and waving with the children.

Emerging Skill:

Children practise waving ”bye-bye” and using social greetings. The children might also learn the names of other people in this way, which makes people feel welcome and like they are important members of the group.


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