Parenting Mantras

#100 Parenting Mantras

Parenting is a journey, which cannot be walked alone. We all need some support, guidance and tried & tested methods to be successful as a parent. We are proud to present the 100 parenting mantras, a guide to conscious parenting raising children from values to well-being.

Welcome to the world of children. Whether you are wondering how to handle a specific challenge while figuring out your child-raising approach or ready to have a baby, you have come to the right place. We are a school that starts from parents. ShishuPuram is an early childhood organisation focusing on the growth and development of a child right from the womb. We at ShishuPuram facilitate the right blend of parent-child relationship, the achievement of the child’s growth milestones and ultimate pregnancy care. As families are getting nuclear and double income demanding, child rearing and nurturing the right values is getting challenging day by day. We at ShishuPuram are committed to make the process of child conception, delivery and nurturing a majestic event in ones life.