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Preparing Dads-to-be

5 Fathering Essentials:-

Traditionally it was considered that the mother should be in-charge of the child and was held responsible for the growth and development of the child. The father was seen as the provider of economic resources to maintain the family and provide provisions for the child. But today, men have started to assume their role as fathers in a more active way. Both male and female energies are required to grow into a balanced and a complete human being.

Easy tips for Dad’s to get-set-go with:-

1. Start early

Get yourself involved right from pregnancy time. For example:-
a) Accompany your partner for doctor visits.
b) Plan the baby’s welcome together.
c) Attend pre-natal informative classes.
d) Make suitable changes in your lifestyle.
e) Make her pregnancy, mood-swings a pleasurable and memorable journey.
f) Connect with the baby, talk to the baby in the womb.
g) Prepare for all safe and secure delivery
h) Read books and put on good soothing music for your spouse and baby.

2. Make time

Fathers need to alter their schedules on the news of arrival of the baby.
Just don’t PAY the RENT, now you are a PARENT.
Do not over-work just because you have another mouth to be fed. Instead enjoy with the baby because these precious moments will not come-back.
His 1st smile, 1st attempt to sit, 1st attempt to walk, talk, 1st words said,1st cricket shot, 1st nursery rhyme, etc… Make it at the right time!

3. Show your love

Hugging, holding, cuddling, kissing and doing all sort
of gentle actions would not make you less manly. Affection is reassuring. It conveys love in a way that words and worries cannot convey.

4. Lighten up

Enjoy your child’s company. They are a little bundle
of joy which gives immense pleasure. Teach them what you know and learn some new things along with your child. Reduce stress, competition and performance-oriented things into pleasure, joy and laughter.

5. Heavy down

It may sound contrary to the earlier point, but what it
means is get involved in decisions and discussions with your partner while deciding things for the family or children.

Be communicating with your partner regarding big
things in life, such as –

“How are we doing as a family?”

“What changes are needed?”

“How can we achieve them together?”, etc.

Let not your partner ever say that she has one more
additional child to be managed besides your children, and that one is you. Do not leave all the tough decisions to your partner like choosing the doctor, selecting the activity classes, choosing a school, the child’s age wise needs, etc.

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