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What civilisation are we living in?

Is this the true meaning of democracy?

Whenever a boy wants, he can pick up a girl ( age no matter ) and rape her.

Is this what we mean by a developing nation or a free India?

It’s getting more and more shameful every day. And trust me, this is not the rape of a girl or her family but it’s the rape of a nation where it’s happening day in and out without any fear of being punished.

Have you ever thought deeply, why RAPES occur in INDIA?

We Indians have declared men as the care-takers of the women. So they have every right to use her or abuse her.

She has no authority over her life. A father decides whether she would be born, her brother decides her role in the family, her boy-friend decides her whereabouts, her husband decides her destiny and then her sons decide her position in the family.

Who the hell decided that the men would be the decision makers?

They were supposed to be the bread-winners in the family but were not given authority to make decisions for the women in his life.

If bread-winners were implied to be decision-makers then in the modern civilisation, women are equally winning bread for the family.

But she is not authorised to make decisions for herself also, forget the family.

I think we need a revolution, whereby our boy child is to be trained.

  1. He needs to know his responsibilities more than his rights.
  2. He needs to be made more of a human than a man.
  3. He needs to be taught the lessons of humanity right from childhood.
  4. He needs to play with dolls than guns, to understand human emotions.
  5. He needs to do the household chores equally to the play in the playground.
  6. He needs to be sensitised about his testosterone and control his outbursts.
  7. He needs to be taught to cry rather than make fun of others.
  8. He should learn the lessons what parents generally teach the girls – PEACE





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It’s high time, we change the role of men in the society.

They need to be sensitised.

And trust me, this cannot happen by teaching women self-defence or restricting their life-styles. It needs to be imbibed in the male child, right from childhood.

It’s time to change !!

Enough of complains, litigations, compromises and punishments.

These are the after-effects of the crimes against women.

  1. We need to prevent such mishaps.
  2. We need to train the boys around.
  3. We need them to respect the other gender equally.
  4. We need to control their hormonal outbursts.
  5. We need to channelise the man-power into humanity.

They first need to be humans and not worse than even animals.

The gender shall follow humanity and not preceded.

Train the boy child!

Do not authorise them to use you!

As parents you need to take the initiative and then as a society you need to create the change!!

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