Children are like a clean canvas, waiting to be painted with a masterpiece. At ShishuPuram, we create a perspective, a tremendous effort and just the right colors. A child is a constant learner. The thoughts, words and actions of a parent often convey hidden and powerful messages to the child, who is a keen observer. The early years of development require directed interventions, simulations and purposeful learning environment.

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Deciding to have a family is one of the most momentous decisions a couple is most likely to make in their life. Although everyone wants to plan this event, most of them accidentally get pregnant. Discovering that one is pregnant can be both exciting and daunting as it gives rise to many anxieties. It is a time of great physical, emotional and social changes.


  • Be one with your spouse
  • Vision for sacred pregnancy
  • Lifestyle management

Duration 6 hrs

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Every pregnancy is unique and brings about many physiological, anatomical and emotional changes that differ in each woman. To know your pregnancy better, to remove any apprehensions and being confident in your ability to produce a normal baby, get prepared for the unknown.


  • Sacred bonding between the expectant parents and the unborn child
  • Design your baby with the most desired features
  • The birthing plan – when, where, how, and how?
  • Preparing dad-to-be for the most responsible phase of life
  • Breastfeeding – why, how, and till when?
  • Newborn reflexes – the checklist
  • Newborn care – health and hygiene
  • Say n Do technique
  • Sensory development – activate the five senses
  • Environmental preparation – at home and around
  • Baby blues – precautions and cure
  • Organic baby – the natural ways to grow your baby
  • Natural birthing – know the facts
  • Caretaker’s session – with the would-be grandparents

Duration 15 hrs

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Children are higher souls in smaller costumes and parents are the emissaries of god who are bestowed to blossom their lives. With the changing times and complexities of life, this role is getting more and more challenging. A constant learning parent can equip himself for raising the child competently. We support the parents to develop the body, brain, social, emotional abilities of the child.


  • Brain – the marvelous machine

    Know the amazing capacity and facts about its growth and development

  • Parent and Parenting

    Why is it important and how a parent influences and impacts a child

  • Moral values – the Sanskars

    Its high time to live them and help them grow in your child

  • Habits of the mind

    Habits of the mind can be directed and altered by a technique

  • Effective communication

    This technique will help your child at all the ages

  • Physical development

    Physical development in the early years and its impact on the well-being

  • Types of intelligence

    How can you identify the most prominent intelligence in your child

  • Learning abilities

    How to create a suitable atmosphere

  • Verbal ability

    Verbal ability through exposure to various languages and Flash Card pattern method

  • Numerical ability

    Numerical ability though basic counting and a DOT card pattern method

  • Multiple Intelligence

    A unique way to enhance and develop your child’s multiple intelligence as per Dr. Haward Gardner’s, 1983 theory

  • Family and Environment

    Family and its environment play the most important role in shaping the child’s personality

  • Nutritional Guide

    A nutritional guide for a healthy and active child

Duration 15 hrs

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Parenting is a process of promoting and supporting the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. This life-changing program will succeed in balancing the attention and time required for the many aspects of your happy parenting.


  • Once a Parent always a Parent
  • Easy 3 steps to turn bad habits into good habits
  • How to talk so, your child listens to you
  • 6 steps to naturally discipline your child
  • The right balance between love and discipline
  • Channelise your child’s immense energy

Duration 8 hrs

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Preparation for the future is a continuous process. Complex decisions and the challenges of growing up make the pre-teen and the teen age years difficult. This program is a key to constructively help the parents to know the hormonal and emotional changes that the child is going through. In order to provide support and encouragement we have integrated this program especially for the growing demands of the ever growing children.


  • Laying the right foundation at the right age
  • The hormonal effects
  • Role of a Mother and a Father
  • Developing a healthy sexuality
  • Role of a Role model​
  • Channelise the youth power

Duration 8 hrs

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