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The organic pregnancy journey

Story about our organic baby: ABhiKA.

ABhiKa comes from ABhishek + LipiKA, and is also a Sanskrit word which means Fearless, Courageous, Valiant.


When the time came to get pregnant, one thing was very much crystal clear for both of us – we wanted our baby girl to be born as healthy as humanly and naturally and normally possible.

Because health begins inside the womb, we figured that our main job was to make sure that we’re placed at pure places to grow.

Our first instinct was to live organic and eat organic food. But beyond our diets, we weren’t sure what else we could do to make our bodies into the safe havens we wanted them to be.


We’re both pregnancy and parenting coaches, so we started doing what we do naturally—asking questions. We cast our nets wide, analyzing the contents of our medicine cabinets, second-guessing everything under our kitchen sinks, even investigating what was in the foam padding of the chairs we were sitting on. Ha ha. People started analysing we are going nuts,…although we indicated to many that all this going is a part of our research!

We read everything we could including place to stay in silence and interviewed many meditators, doctors, and organic farmers.

We had always assumed that the people who produce what we eat, use, and wear had our health and safety in mind. We quickly learned we were wrong to assume anything—particularly when it came to the development of our unborn child.

What we discovered was disturbing enough to make us rethink everything from our mattresses to our shower curtains, to our work place, to our place of city, even to our immediate family circuit.


Our Complete Organic Pregnancy is the result of that in-depth research.

We’ve divided this journey into the three stages of pregnancy –

Part 1: Transitioning,
Part 2: Growing, and
Part 3: Living.

Transitioning is what you want to do before you get pregnant and
shifting your mind-set.

Growing is a nuts-and-bolts guide to the most actively organic pregnancy possible.

Living is about the early months with your new baby, and the importance of remaining organic for breastfeeding, health, and the future habits of your family.

An organic pregnancy journey is about taking environmentalism and personalizing it.

It makes sense to think seriously about your baby’s first environment—your body.

For us, it gives extra meaning to our weekly visit to the natural spot like farms/farmers’ market, our choice to drink out of glass instead of plastic, and the decision to use only nontoxic products to clean.

As you’ll find, it’s an easy lifestyle to embrace. Trust me, believe me when I say Easy. A few basic changes can protect you, your baby, and ultimately the world she’ll grow up in.

After all, the real heart of our research isn’t the big, bad toxins, it’s ten delicious fingers and ten equally delectable toes.


Here’s to healthy baby we have and here’s to all the healthy baby we would love to come through all birth journey couples.

Join us if you wish to have an extraordinary flamboyant organic pregnancy journey experience with us here at ShishuPuram.

– Lipika ABhishek Pasari,
Founders | ShishuPuram, India
+91- 975 254 2580

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