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What are we buying our children these summers?

A long awaited time of the year, summer break. The child passing his exams and moving onto the next class. What an achievement! Whether class nursery or 1st or 10th or 12th, how do you celebrate his success? Generally, every parent tries to buy him gifts.

What are you gifting your child?

  1. A tab

  2. Another summer class

  3. Mobile phone

  4. An expensive motorised toy

  5. A spectacle

  6. Or a luxurious travel to exotic locations

It’s the love and desire of every parent to compensate for the efforts of their child by spending enough money to show their contentment. Great! The demand you were trying to postpone has to be fulfilled now.

  • Is the child happy?
  • Are you happy?
  • Have you created some great experiences together?
  • Can money buy all the happiness?

Trust me, it’s that time of the year when a child is free of all the pressures created by teachers and parents round the year. His body, mind and soul is calm and relaxed. How should a parent celebrate this quiet time of the child?

A few tips to try these summers-

  1. Go for long walks and discover your Childs imaginations.

  2. Go cycling to know his speed and confidence.

  3. Go to natural places – wildlife, hill-station, adventures,water destinations, etc to keep you connected.

  4. Go to your in-laws or cousins to let them make new stories.

  5. Set them free to unlearn the old and try hands on a novel experience – cooking, art, language, sport, or anything they are anxious to know about.

Basically, give them an experience that’s memorable. Give them your time, undivided attention and an experience of a life-time.

And for this, you don’t have to spend enough money just let-go-off a few working hours, a couple of mobile and tv hours, an hour from your friends and few minutes of news reading.

By managing your time well and planning a great summer break with your child, for your child; you would have really given him a break from routine to rejuvenate him for the new academic year.

Believe me, you will create some life-long memories and an ever lasting bond with your child.

This would really be awaited each year and give your family a re-boost for the new year.

So rethink and rejuvenate your soul these summers!!

– From the desk of ABhishek – Lipika Pasari

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